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picture help

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picture help

so its been a while since i have posted and the last tume i did i couldnt figure out how to resize my pitures i have been really busy at work and seem to have forgotten any help would be great thanks all

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Open up your photos in whatever photo editing program you have and go to 'edit' (usually) and select 'image size', then change the pixel size to 800x600 or less, then save it to a convenient folder.  This is the max size accepted for posting on TFL.

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As I understand it, the best way is to resize photos yourself on your own computer with your own program before you upload them. Once they're on TFL, there's no really good way to resize them no matter what you do.

(There is though a not-so-good way to resize them via TFL: When you press the picture icon when editing a posting, one of the fields allows you to specify dimensions. It's usually simply left blank, but you can put something in there. Doing that is not a good idea though, because the picture isn't really resized, all you're controlling is the dimensions used by your browser to show the picture. Drawbacks are i) the picture still takes up an awful lot of space on TFL, ii) it still takes just as much time/bandwidth as the un-resized photo to transmit from TFL to your browser, iii) doing so makes your browser work a lot harder and hence display is slower, iv) you have to do some weird math in "pixels" rather than "inches", and v) it makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot by resizing vertical and horizontal differently without realizing it.)

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If you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, this will allow you crop your pictures, compress them to a smaller file size for faster uploading, all of this found under the Picture tool bar. 

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Franko has it right about the image size needing to be around 800x600 pixels.

Once the image is uploaded into your post, you can click on the image in the post and drag one of  the corner points in to down size the image. Like this.



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wayne on FLUKE

There are many tools for handling pics. I have used irfanview for many years. It is a free download.


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thanks to all i got it now i was like duh when i realized i had an option to resize for email files so it turned out to work i just didnt think. thnx again everybody and i got my pictures posted