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The different flours

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The different flours

I was reading everyones replys to the different flours.  I have been baking for years and never gave the flours any thought.  What happens to bread with higher protien in the flour?

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Generally, protein = gluten. The higher the protein, (again, generally) the higher the gluten potential. If I recall correctly, the only reason white flour of the same protein percentage as whole wheat rises better is because the sharp edges of the bran in whole wheat slice through the gluten strands. In white flour, the bran is removed, and therefore cannot interfere with the gluten development. All purpose flour tends to have a lower protein level, bread or high-gluten flour tends to have a higher protein level.

Please, someone correct me if I'm steering her down the wrong path. :)

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Does anyone know if higher protein makes larger or smaller holes?

I have been trying to achieve larger holes, and more chew in my crumb.

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Just from my own little ponderings over it, I would guess that the stronger gluten matrix would aid in larger holes being formed, since the gas bubbles would expand within the matrix instead of just deflating entirely. But that's just my guess. Obviously high hydration is the pair to that, though. I would suppose high-hydration high-gluten would be the best combo for large holes.

I think... LOL