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how do i convert a 50% starter to a higher %

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how do i convert a 50% starter to a higher %

i currently have a sourdough starter than is doing well that i purchased from king arthur. i'd like to try breads with different hydrations. i do i convert my 50% starter to another hydration?

thanks, claudia

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Hydration has a formula...water weight divided by flour weight. 

 If you take a tablespoon of starter that's thick and add 100g water and 100g flour it is very close to 100% hydration.  

You want 70%?  Take a blob of starter and blend with 70g water and 100g flour.  

For 166%   ... 166g water with 100g flour.


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Hi, Claudia.

Your question gets asked fairly frequently, in one form or another. I just posted a detailed set of instructions for converting a starter of one hydration to one of a different hydration.

Here's a link:

Converting starter hydrations: A Tutorial. Or through thick and thin and vice versa

I hope it helps. Feedback would be appreciated.


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thanks lindy & david

that's what i thought but it seemed to simple. also, i wasn't sure how much of the original starter to use. i've read articles on other sites that went through a long involved process.

david, i've saved your link. thank you