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Does barley malt syrup contain amylase?

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Does barley malt syrup contain amylase?

I bought some barley malt syrup today for a rye bread recipe. I'm wondering whether I can use it as a general sweetener in other breads, or does it have active amylase and I need to be careful about what I do with it? Thanks!

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Should be indicated on the label(or documentation), somewhere. It should say something like, "active enzymes", "helps breakdown starches", "diastatic" etc.

Even so, I think most retail barley malt syrup can be safely used as a general sweetener, in most cases. Maybe try the recipe first, without the bms.

I have some "diastatic" bms from nybakers that I use as a sweetener. Don't make ryes too often though. Rye tends to be sticky anyway. I did use it to make Beranbaum's deli rye though. It's only about 20% rye. Comes out perfect.