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Crackling Crust

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Crackling Crust

The last few loaves of bread I've made have crackled when I removed them from the oven.  What exactly is it that causes that to happen?  Is it simply the crust contracting as it cools?  I like the way it makes the crust look but cannot get it to happen everyt time.  Is it affected by the cooling rate of the bread?

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Search TFL for 'crackly crust."


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I love it too!

This one's not my strongest point, and I don't always get it either, but I think the crust basically has to be thin and dry.

So you want heaps of steam and high temp at the start of the bake, then you want to vent the steam so it is dry at end. You could probably even leave the oven door open a crack for the very end of the bake.



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Mini Oven

When it loudly crackles as you take it out and put it on the cooling rack?  Listen closely, you might even be lucky enough to get a whistle! 


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It happens just about every time I bake the No Knead yeat recipe using my enamel dutch oven & all clad dutch oven.   I can hear it when I put the loaves on the cooling rack.  I think you are right about the thin crust.  I hear it with the yeast recipes but never with the sourdough astarter recipes.





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* Sourdough bread (no added yeast)

* Not No-knead.

* Baked on a baking stone, uncovered.

* Thick, crunchy crust.

Happy baking!


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as beautiful as anything i've seen you bake ... you've really reached the next level!


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Thanks, Stan!

Just wait! I'm signed up for the SFBI Artisan II (Sourdough baking) workshop in December.


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A pain de campagne to (almost) Richard Bertinet's recipe in "Dough" and baked in our Aga.  It needed the use of a cold shelf over it after 20 minutes to prevent the top crust taking on too much colour (the Aga has no temperature control like "modern" cookers).


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It must be tough to cut and eat such a beautiful thing [not!].


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It means that you have a thin crispy crackly crust, and hopefully a nice crumb structure on the inside...