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Recommended grain mills and removing bran only.

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Brot Backer

Recommended grain mills and removing bran only.

I'm looking get a grain mill and was wondering who had them, what kind and what they think about it. I know I could have just done a search for that but I have another question: is there a semi-easy/efficient way to remove the bran only? I'd most likely mix milled flour with aged bread flour and if I could add bran back in on a whim I'd be able to make a 'frenchier' bread with a higher percentage of milled flour. So what mills produce flour that can have the bran removed?

3,2,1, GO!

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these questions have been discussed many times before on TFL and I'm sure you'll find good advice

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It contains over 1,000 posts.  You will find it by visiting the "Forum" tab at the top of the page and if you have any questions about a particular mill,  you can PM the person who wrote about it (presuming they are still TLF members).

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But to be chatty you'll need more than just a mill - you will need the appropriate sifting mechanisms.  Which will also be found by doing a search.

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your original question.  Sorry if we were a bit curt.

Then again, both bwraith (come back!) and I have written extensive blogs on the subject of removing bran. So again, you might want to search for those first because I can't duplicate them here. I've gone so far as to mill pure white flour.

I'll be the first to name my mill.  It is a Diamant.  I love it.  However most people faint when they see how much it costs.

Hope this helps.