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Cinnamon Raisin bread

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Cinnamon Raisin bread

I am in need of a good Cinnamon Raisin bread recipe, I made this bread the other day, it came from a bread machine book, I used the machine to do the kneading then I put the dough in a bowl to double then I bread pans to raise again and then bake it, well to make the story short, my wife went with her girlfriend to a dog show, and I was home for the day. after I made the bread, I took a loaf over her girlfriends house and gave it to her husband, when my wife came home I told her of my excite ment making this bread, well we sat down and had a cup of coffee with this bread. and I thought it was OK, she said it was terrible, then I told her that I made a loaf for her girlfriend, she stated You Didn't..... well I am now looking for a recipe that is a little sweet I like alot of raisins and a loaf that I can taste the cinnamon too.




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I make a raisin cinnamon swirl bread that's delicious.  Raisins in the dough, roll out the dough, brush with a little water, sprinkle on the cinnamon/sugar, roll up, seal seams, into greased bread pans, rise, and bake.

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I made was a HIT..but i suggest doing only 2/3 or one third(one loaf) as it overtook my stand mixer (I was waiting for steve mcqueen to run out of the movie theatre screaming..HA) is as good as this site!

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It's the best cinnamon raisin bread recipe. I do make the entire recipe using my Kitchen Aid. It is a handful of dough for sure. I bake the three loaves and put 2 in the freezer right away or we would eat all three. Try it next.

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SteveB's got some gread recipes too, and in weight, which is much more accurate and consistant batch to batch