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bread machine recipes

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bread machine recipes

question ofr all...

i am looking at baking bread in a dutch oven and I had a thought...

can i use the bread machine recipes to make these loaves?

can bread machine srecipes be used for making bread in general or is there something

that is different that needs to be done for the machine?




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I don't think there is anything special about bread machine recipies. I used to make up recipies for my bread machine.

Having said this, I'm not sure why you'd want to?

If you enjoy your baking then you'll eventually enjoy working with formulas rather than recipies. Bakers percentages give you a lot of freedom, and as you get a handle on the purpose of stages like kneading and proofing you will be able to make it up as you go along.

But in the meantime, I see no reason why the bread machine formulas won't translate.

All the best!

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Hi Don funny you should ask as i was just about to do a post regarding packet mixes, my wife works at a large supermarket and they have a bargain bin an she often brings home home brew kits and recently a bread mix that was heavily discounted due to some slight imperfection of the packaging .

In this case a multi grain mix from a multi national company that holds 4 x 500g pouches. i did add 1 egg and a dash of molasses and substituted 50% of the water for milk to the mix and mixed in the Kenwood Chef and it did take longer to prove than the directions on the pack. not bad when the price works out at just over 65 cents per pack and quite a tasty loaf too.




 And i reckon my loaf looks better than the one on the box!

kind regards yozza

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I also have a bread machine book with plenty of very interesting recipes that are not solely geared for bread machine but also a lot of breads that are hand shaped and only use the machine for the kneading part.  Since I have learnt to make my breads by hand, I have not used the bread machine for my breads but I would like to try to make use of the "knead only" cycle for larger quantites of flour.  I find that the biggest advantage of bread machine recipes is that they are written to suit the size of the bread pan and it's extremely useful to be able to test a recipe using the smaller option  before actually proceeding to make a full sized loaf using up to 700grm of flour. That way, at least if my bread is a flop, I only have to eat up a small loaf. :)


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By Beth Hensperger is one of my favorite books. It has a large section devoted to bread machines and you can compare similar recipes within the book.