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Hello from NE Ohio

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Hello from NE Ohio

My name is Ron, from NE Ohio, and I have been posting and reading on TFL for some 24 weeks now, but just discovered this forum. Yeah, I'm a little slow sometimes. LOL

I'm new to baking bread, I got into it as a result of the Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes book (ABI5), and although I am getting some really tasty results, I find myself wanting to achieve better, consistent results.

I'm also hoping to achieve a bread with a very open not so damp crumb. My research has brought me here, and I love TFL site.

So, as a result of TFL, I discovered Peter Reinhart's book, Artisan Bread Every Day (ABED), which I just ordered, along with The Bread Bakers Assistant.

I am supposed to receive them next Monday, so then I can take my adventures to the next level.

I can appreciate how seriously many of you take this craft, and how meticulous you are when plying your craft, and  how the simplistic, ABI5 technique might offend your sensibilities, and I have read several of the forums on the topic.

But I would ask you to consider how it is enabling people like myself, and EvaB (Yes Eva, I have read your posts. lol) to now bake our own bread, something we never dreamed of doing before, and here we are, now taking it to the next level, or just happily baking bread at home, and avoiding the store bought chemical laden, overpriced, bland product.

There are truly very few 'new' things in cooking, but most are either a revival of a long forgotten technique, or a variation or evolution of another's technique, or someone bending or breaking what have been longstanding 'rules'.

Apparently Peter saw and appreciated the need for an entry level book, and method for nubee bread bakers who have limited time as well, and I'm excited to explore his world.

So, thanks all for being here, and please be patient with us nubees who don't yet have the time, patience or skills of you dedicated bakers.

Let me add, that years ago, I played with a bread machine, but was really rather unimpressed with the results, and rather quickly lost interest, where this no knead system has held my interest for quite a few months now. I believe I started with it back in April, and slowed down for a month or so in July, but now I'm back at it, stronger than ever.

Below is a picture of my first loaf of Cracked Wheat, unbleached white Tesco flour. I allowed this loaf to slow rise in the frig for 12 hours. It's a modification of the HBI5 Cracked Wheat recipe, I used all white flour with 1 cup cracked wheat, added 1/3 cup sugar, reduced the yeast to 1/2 tablespoon, and 2/3 cup starter from my last batch.

Let rise 3 hours at room temp, till doubled, then into the frig.

Sorry, the pic is sideways, could not figure how to rotate here.



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I used to live in Leamington and had a girlfriend in Sandusky.  We were all good as long as my boat and the weather cooperated.  Unfortunately, winter arrived and the old skidoo would not do the ice ridges.

Welcome to the forum!


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Aouch my neck!

Welcome to TFL Ron!


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Mini Oven

:)  Mini

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Hi! I'm just like you. I just found out how to introduce myself.  So much good information on this site.  Hope we "talk" again.  Pam

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Doc Opa

Hey Neighbor!

Mark from Toledo OH.  Nice introduction to the forum.  I've finished a WFO this year.  I need a new door though.  Note to ones self, "Wood door and WFO don't work out so well."  It was gone one morning after a evening of pizza!

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Oops!  You've got to expect losses in an operation of that size  :)  Pam

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Colin, never heard of Leamington, had to google it. lol

Mebake, Aouch my neck?? Care to interpret?

LOL Mini, you think that loaf might be a bit too heavy?

Hi Pam, I always do things bass-ack-ward. Yes this is a really inspirational site.

Hello Doc! We like to go camping up at Sandusky, ride some rides at Cedar Point.

Congratulations on the WFO, do you have pics here on the site?

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Ron, the picture's orientation had me turning my neck for quite a while.

Nice bake though

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LOL Mebake, now I get it.  These should be easier on your neck, still learning, not only bread, but posting pics.

I'm quite pleased with this loaf, a modified version of a cheddar bread recipe from the ABI5 book.

I added rosemary, thyme, and dried onions. Next time, I think I'll leave the onions out, just our personal taste preference.