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Greeting to All!

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Chef Jimmy J

Greeting to All!

I'm a Chef/Culinary Instructor in Harrisburg Pa, I moved from New Jersey 20 years ago. I specialize in Sauces but my true passion, The Great Europian Breads. I plan to be here often and can also be found on same name and Chef Jim Jankoski. I am respectful but tend to lighten discussions with quips and jabs, so please do not take offense. If I make a mistake I will correct it, feel free to add constuctive criticism but no need to get NASTY. I am a Culinary school trained Chef with 20 years experience total, last 10 as an instuctor. I have two Daughters in Culinary school both plan to continue into the Baking and Pastry programs post graduation, 1 at CIA, 1 at Harrisburg Community College. Daughter number 3 wants nothing to do with the biz! She plans to be a Doctor and PAY a Personal Chef, probably one of her, older, sister's just to give back all the Crap she has taken for years! I am thrilled just to be in your presence. Feel free to contact me at but include some reference to this site so I know you're not some jerk with a virus! All the Best. JJ

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Hello Chef Jimmy J

Welcome to TFL.  I'm sure that you will find it a great resource with plenty of help and advice from experienced artisan bakers.  Perhaps with you being a professional chef you will be able to help some folk out with their problems.  I guess you have access to some great equipment that us home bakers can only dream about so please don't make us jealous with talk of spiral mixers, proofing cabinets, walk-in fridges and deck ovens etc!

Happy Baking


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Welcome JJ, Hopefully you will find the wealth of knowledgeable people on TFL as friendly as I do.

I sometimes have trouble with sauces so maybe I will pick your brain some.

Anyway, Welcome.


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Welcome Chef Jimmy. We're thrilled too for having more chefs amongst us.