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Leader's Polish Rye and Mushroom Foccacia

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Leader's Polish Rye and Mushroom Foccacia

To celebrate the salmon run here in Vancouver, my hubby and I went to the Steveston Fish Wharf to get the delicious goodies.  We also got a bag of fresh dill from a farm on our way home.  Then my hubby made gravlax, one of our favorite ways to enjoy this great fish.  When he unveiled the gravlax a few days later, I said "time to make bread" and I asked him what does he like to have.  He said that gravlax is supposed to go with rye bread.  I haven't really made rye sourdough since I started making bread last year, so I went through all the rye sourdough recipes that I have on hand, and picked Leader's Polish Cottage Rye.

This bread receives rave reviews on this forum.  However, I was quite nervous making this bread as people have commented on some challenges handling the dough.  One even referred the dough to a "spreading mass" (can't remember who said that) and the image of this "spreading mass" had been haunting me during the whole process.  (by the way, it was indeed a spreading mass)

I finished the baking at night while my hubby was in bed.  When I woke up in the morning, he said "the bread is amazing".  That was music to my ear!

The bread came out so beautifully that I made another one the next day and gave it to my German friend.  She has mentioned having difficulties  finding good bread in Vancouver.  When she took a look at the rye bread, she said I have made her day. (previously I gave her a loaf of Hamelman's Pain Au Levain and she really enjoyed it) What a comment.  Thanks Daniel for such a fantastic recipe.

A while ago, I also made the mushroom foccacia from Leader.  Though I mistakenly used the altamura bread recipe for this foccacia (and used my regular starter instead of semolina starter), the bread turned out great.  Another recipe to keep!

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Hi, I've followed the photo's FAQ and pasted my photos URL via the "tree" icon.  But I don't see the pictures showing?  Can someone please advise how to do this properly?



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You might try these steps:

These steps from poster Debra Wink have also been said to be very helpful:"

1.Click on the tree symbol (next to HTML at the top of the comment box) and the Insert/edit image box will appear.
2.Click on the little symbol to the right of the Image URL field and the File Browser box will pop up.
3.Click on Upload at the top of this box, and a File field will appear.
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7.Now the file should be listed in the file browser box. Click on it to highlight it, and then click Send to Editor at the top of this box. This will take you back to the Insert/edit image box.
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There is also a Help button in the top left corner of the File Browser box with tips and alternate ways to do things that you might find helpful."

Otherwise, you probably need to resize your photos.

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Thanks mrfrost.  I thought inserting the url is faster...I guess I should have resized the pics first.


The bread was like this when I got up in the morning.

crumb shot


rye with home-cured gravlax


mushroom foccacia before

mushroom foccacia after