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After 18 hours of baking...

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After 18 hours of baking...

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The real color? something in between that of the two pictures. Unfortunately digital cameras seem to hate black objects. I added something white all around to force a sharp contrast, but evidently it was not enough.

How I did it: first leaven with a touch of starter, 50 gr of rye and 50 of water.

Soaker with 300 gr of rye, 2 teaspoons of malted barley flour and 600 gr of r.t water, mixed well and kept around 65°C for 2 hours.

Final build with 350 gr of rye and 50 gr of grossly cracked sunflower seeds.

I made the dough double a first time, than I added 14 gr of salt, reworked the dough and let double a second time in the pullman pan, than baked the bread completely covered for 18 hours at approximately 130°C (it's my funny oven on the stove, so I can monitor but not control the temperature... I wonder if 130°C (sometimes 140) aren't too much).

Well, the taste is.. there are no words. It has an incredible deep aroma of malt and a sweeeeet taste that I love!


The rye I used was cracked rye that I refined in a blender, something like a coffee grinder. The final grind was a very gross flour, so to say.

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That is a very rich looking loaf nico. Bet it tasted gorgeous!

Kind regards, Daisy_A

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Hi Nico,

Yes I take your point absolutely about digital photography.   I generally take the same shots with my camera using 3 different settings, then decide which has worked the best.   Each one will present the loaf in a different colour.

Well, that "funny oven" of yours is clearly producing dark rich and fully flavoured breads.   I love the mash technique too.   I see you've introduced delayed salt just for good measure.   There isn't an end to your experimentation is there?

Great work as ever


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not really, it's the fun part that I don't want to give up.

I used  the delayed salt method that Mini adviced in her favorite rye recipe and I have to say that it really paid back.

Thanks to all of you!

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Mini Oven


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As usual it gets better over the days.

Thanks, Mini