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Sourdough No Knead recipe

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Sourdough No Knead recipe

Well... here I am again! Thanks for the comments on my last post, on how to make the starter less soury. They were very helpful.

I just wondered if anyone has made sourdough no knead bread on here? I've made regular no knead bread, using the healthy bread in five minutes a day method, but I wanted to try sourdough as it's much healthier. :) any recipes would be helpful!

gracias and shalom!

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The breadtopia website explains a method of using sourdough in no knead bread.  It is a very informative site and the recipes are very good.  I just won a first place ribbon at our local county fair with one of his recipes. Terry

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Nice going, Terry! ;)

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I make sourdough no-knead bread every 10 days or so.... The best advice I have is that you'll have to find the exact formula that works for you.  My starter is just flour and water and originated from the King Arthur Flour company starter.

 As for the bread mix, I add more or less water depending on how it "feels".  I know that's not very precise-sounding, but after you've made a few loaves you'll see that bread is a living thing and you have to get the feel for what the loaf should be.  Lately I've been adding bran and ground flax seeds right before it rises for the final time and therefore add 9 ounces of water on average.

I experimented for a very long time before I found a mix that worked for me but this is the basic guideline I follow.