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Bread from 1918

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Bread from 1918

Here you will find a Government issued Bread book from October 1918  titled "Victory Breads".  It's just a few pages with some WWI info in there.



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Frequent Flyer

Interesting.  Overnight methods and sponge methods given.

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Mustang 51

I have spent a lot of time studying World War II, but Have to admit I don't know very much about World War I. The 10 day supply of wheat left prior to harvest is a very interesting item. Can you imagine our society being that close to being out of any important commodity today? It is quite an eye opener. I have never heard about that statistic before. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. I hope we never see that again!


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That's fascinating since I collect old recipes.  What intrigues me is the terms "sirup" and "fat".  I also like the use of molasses in some of their rolls.  It's too bad we can't see the whole book.  Would have loved to seen more!