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Karens sharp eye for a bargain

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Karens sharp eye for a bargain

I think I have told you my daughter has a sharp eye for a bargain..
I spoke to her today, she up north with Andrew(husband) and their 4 children,,, Andrew has a Church for the summer, he is a professional engineer, but was laid off work 18 months ago, he is now taking Theology to become a minister, any way they are all up north, yesterday Karen said they went past the small local bakery again and the mixer was still outside minding it's own business, been there all summer.
So Andrew went in and asked them if they wanted to sell it, they said sure, Andrew asked how much,,, She said $30, so they took it home and it works fine......
Karen said it want a good clean and maybe new brushes, but what a bargain,, It's a Hobart Kitchenaide, I said they don't come much better than that even if it is old.... m,,,q
PS, this is mixer number 3......

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Wow - that sounds like a great bargain - on UK ebay second hand professional and domestic Hobarts can fetch a few hundred pounds.  Kind regards, Daisy_A