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Bread Accompaniments

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Bread Accompaniments

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to post a recipe for a Honey Butter I served tonight with fresh-baked bread. It was incredible on hot rolls!

Honey Butter
2 sticks butter, softened
1/2 cup honey
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Mix well with mixer or spatula; serve on hot/warm bread.

This was delicious!

I would love to hear others recipes and ideas on how they serve/eat/enjoy their bread!



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My neighbor Cecelia makes Tomato Preserves. We just had it on a loaf of sourdough bread. Thanks for asking!

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Pesto and Baguettes

Pesto and Baguettes

Pesto and Baguettes

Pesto and Baguettes

Pesto and Baguettes

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Extra virgin olive oil ... still

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Just take two cups of whipping cream and whip on medium for about 10 minutes. Whip on slow when the peaks start to break, otherwise the buttermilk when slosh out when the butter forms. Then I pour the buttermilk off and mix in about half a teaspoon of salt.

There is an incredible difference between store bought and fresh butter. After tasting the fresh butter, you will only want to use store bought butter for cooking.

Another difference is that fresh butter will go bad in 2 - 4 weeks. Of course, you can always cook it down to ghee before then.

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I love the olive oil idea with some basil and garlic and i just picked tons of roma tomatoes that I will oven roast all day tomorrow. Trying the homemade butter next. Thanks!