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Sourdough Loaves from the tropics!

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Sourdough Loaves from the tropics!

Sharing three pics here. Have not baked for a while, and is getting back into it again!


Crumb too tight, and is underbaked (forgot the baking stone!)

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Well... it looks like good bread though! I am sure it tastes good too!

I am wondering what sourdough in the tropics taste like as compared to the mellow sourdough flavors we have here in my area. Guess I will have to visit to find out!






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Mini Oven

Hey!  Like riding a bicyle!  :)  I think the crumb looks good!  

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very nice!

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for the lovely comments!

@Steve, you can definitely taste the "sour" in the sourdough here, so sometimes it takes some approximation in the amount of proofed started to use. Due to the humidity and weather, the loaves tend to rise faster than in temperate climates. But yeah, you should visit to find out! ;)