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Question re use of Staub Cocotte for baking bread

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Question re use of Staub Cocotte for baking bread

I bake bread by first placing a pan of water on the bottom oven tray, then I place my bread on a floured pan and I spritz water into the oven a couple of times in the first few minutes.  I start with a hot oven 475F then turn down to 450F.

I'm wondering about using my 5qt staub cocotte.  I've read about baking no-knead bread in a cast iron pot, so can I also bake my sourdough bread (definitely kneaded using S&F method) in my staub, with the cover on?  By using my staub, would that replace my pan with hot water and my water spritzing? Would I have better results with my bread? Would it make a difference?  And because I'm starting out with such a high temperature, would I need to pre-heat my staub before placing my bread inside?

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Yes, a cocotte, dutch oven, inverted bowl on a stone-anything that will hold in steam, will all work very well.

No additional steam or water is required. All necessary moisture will come from the dough itself.

Many, threads here on the matter. Search for "dutch oven", "magic bowl", etc.