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Horror Story: when I confused the windex for my shpritser

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Horror Story: when I confused the windex for my shpritser

It was Tuesday morning. I was at a wedding last night until 2 am so it's no surprise that I made this mistake. I guess it could happen to anyone. I just didn't expect it to happen to me. 

I woke up groggy- but with one thought going through my mind- "must. bake. bread". I've had the dough all ready to go, sitting in my fridge now for a few days. Still in my pjs, I dumped the dough out and started shaping it into one large boule. I turned on the oven and made myself some coffee. 

One hour later: still kinda groggy, I slashed the loaf, and loaded it into my tiny oven. I breathed a sigh of relief that I had accomplished my morning's task. Now I could relax- "but wait! one more thing!" I thought to myself, "I have to steam the oven!" I went into the other room and grabbed my trusty spray bottle, opened the oven door, and shpritsed away like there was no tomorrow. Seconds later a sweet, familiar smell hit my nose like a punch in the face. I looked down in horror as the shock settled in.... What I was holding in my hand was WINDEX, and not water in a spray bottle. And just like that, the fate of my beautiful crusty white loaf was sealed. It was toxic. My bread was ruined. So was my morning. 

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Oh no! There is nothing worse than spending a lot of time prepping only to have the whole thing undone by a colossal mistake at the end. I did the exact same thing last year, but instead of Windex, I blessed my bread with a bottle of diluted Murphy's Oil Soap. Lovely.



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Hasn't happened yet, but my spritz bottle and my bottle of diluted bleach are exactly the same (one blue, one red) I am always careful and check but I can see how it could easily happen.

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Fortunately I avoid this problem by buying a small water sprayer from the plant section in Walmart, the other products are in larger clear bottles or the original from the store, I also don't keep them on the counter where I keep the water for baking.

But can relate to the groggy fog of an early morning!

Hope the day improved.

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Glad to see I'm not alone in this folly.  I, too, did the same thing a number of years ago.  French Bread that took over 14 hours of rises and just ready for the oven.  I make all my own cleaners and used the same generic spray bottles for both cleaners and my baking sprayer.   Not too bright I know, .................never did that again........Bright Labels abound now.  Live and Learn. 

Just thought I'd add my two-cents worth.......misery does love company!

Better Baking Ahead...............Regards...........Lyn

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I've done it too, albeit with a homemade "cleaning" solution which contained just a little bleach, dish soap, vinegar, and water.

I usually just spray the walls(and sometimes just the general oven cavity), not the breads directly.

Just once, I could realize with the first half squirt of the trigger I had the wrong bottle. Had 2 loaves in the oven. Only one may have had a faint soapy taste, lol !

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I've caught myself just in time, plenty of times. Finally I moved my water bottle to a location right next to my oven. That helped.