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Bakery Books for sale

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Bakery Books for sale

After retiring from the baking industry I am prepared to sell off some of my bakery reference and text books, most of them are in excellent condition. If any one is interested I will e-mail titles of books books and pricing. Mailing cost are additional. I cannot send photos unfortunately.

Please leave your e-mail contact and I will send this information to you.


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Please e-mail me titles at



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I would also like the book titles at




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Please send book titles to



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If you can send them in email, couldn't just post the list here? I'm sure there are people who'd be interested who don't want to expose their email addresses to spambots and such.

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Floyd, You have a good idea here. I might follow your advice later but let's see what response I get with this first.

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Why don't you make your email address public then rather than expect others to?

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 I would prefer what Floyd said.  Either that or the original poster, Beckers, should give his email address and then people interested can email him.  I would be interested in the titles as well. 

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I'm interested as well.

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Having had my seafaring son home from Florida over the holidays meant that the computer was busy 24/7.

Coming back to the site after over a month it seems to have grown.

Well done Floyd

We should all try and support you as much as we can. I have bought books through this site and find it excellent.

For example:The BBA bought from Amazon (directed by site) cost 30 + dollars including postage.  this cost 16.70 pounds on my UK credit card.  It arrived in 8 days over the Xmas period.

Amazon UK quote 27 pounds for same thing.  BUY WITH FLOYD..

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Would love to hear the titles, but didn't want to post my e-mail. Wouldn't it save time to just type one list?

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I Finally talked my wife into letting me order the BBA Book from the link on this sight, but i would still like to see this list.  The titles alone would be



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Some books I have sold but here are the others:

1. English Bread and Yeast Cookery by Elizabeth David 1977A British Paperback 8" x 5", 590 pages, 24 photographs plus other illustrations.This acclaimed book deals with all aspects of flour, milling, yeast and bread ovens, all types of bread flour available.History and Background: Grain, Milling, Bread flour and Meals, Yeast, Salt, Liquids and fats, Egg, Dried fruit, Malt Extracts, Bread Ovens, The Bread Factories, Shapes and Names of English Loaves, Moulds and Tins for Bread, Storage of Bread, Weights of loaves, Weights measures and Temperatures, Weighing and measuring Equipment, Th cost of baking your own Bread The second half is devoted to recipes that range wholewheat , white, wholemeal, white, barley rye and oatmeal. Many lovely old -fashioned spiced breads, yeast buns, pancakes muffins, crumpets, pikelets, and oatcakes.Great historical interest, goes back to the earliest days of baking$20 US plus postage

2. Up-to-Date Confectionery, A Complete Guide to the Craft, by Albert R. Daniel. Published by Maclaren in Britain 1953 Hardback 10" x 61/2" 37 Chapters and over 100 B&W photos.(Confectionery, a British term refers to flour confectionery, Cakes, Pies etc).Random chapter titles include Fermented goods, Sponge Goods, Chou Paste, Genoese, Frangipane, Gingerbread, Sweet Puff Pastry, Meringues, Sugar Boiling, Almond and Coconut Goods, Cream, Butter Cream and Icings, Chocolate Work, Cake Decoration and Piping, Hotplate Goods. A ideal book for a craftsperson.$45 plus postage.

3. The Blessings of Bread by Adrian Bailey, 1975 Paddington Press. Hardback 11" x 81/2"10 Chapters, 280 pages. nearly 100 pages of recipes using cups and Tsp measures."Bountifully illustrated with photographs, old engravings and new drawings of breads of the world, there are reproductions of the advertising that has been convincing generations for hundreds of years to buy and eat bread. It responds to a new curiosity about the bread we eat , and how it has affected the world we live in" This book goes back to the earliest days also.$25 plus postage

4) Food Science by Norman Potter, 1968 Avi Publishing Co. Hardback, 91/2' x 6"Over 600 pages, 24 Chapters eg. Constituents of food, Quality factors and how they are measured, Heat preservation and processing, Cold preservation and processing, Food dehydration, Food irradiation, Food fermentation, Milk and milk products, Meat, poultry and eggs, Seafoods, Fats, oils, Cereal grains, Vegetables, fruits and juices, Beverages, Confectionery and chocolate products, Food packaging, Water and waste, Food additives etc.$30 plus postage

5) Professional Bakers Manual, Vancouver Community College Press 350 pages, 19 Chapters eg. Hygiene, Sanitation and Safety, Baking Equipment, Bakery Management, Baking Ingredients, Yeast raised Breads and Rolls, Sweet Yeast buns, rolls,and coffee cakes, Quick Breads, Doughnuts, Savoury Foods, Pies and Tarts, Cookies and Slices, Puff Pastry, Cakes, Cake Decorating, Creams, Icings and fillings, French Pastries Plenty of recipes, directions and illustrations to help you make up these products.$35 plus postage

6) Yeast Technology by Gerald Reed and Henry Peppler Avi Publishing Co.1973 Hardcover 9' x 6", 370 pages 12 Chapters eg. Naming and classifying yeasts, Biological aspects of yeasts, Biochemical aspects of yeast technology, Bakers yeast production, Use of yeast in baking, Wine yeasts, Brewers' yeast, Distillers' Yeast, Sake, kefir, koumis and kaffir beer, Feed and food yeasts, Yeast derived products.The 'bible' of the yeast industry for the technically inclined$50 plus postage

7) Better Cakes and Bigger Profits published by Glycerine Limited in the UK about 1950Hardcover 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". 147 pages, 14 Chapters Dozens of recipes and methods. All the recipes have one thing in common, they all include the ingredient glycerine. Quite interesting.$10 plus postage

Several information brochures from manufacturers, each about 10-12 pages each 1) 120 Q's and A's about how phosphates are used in food from Stauffer Chemicals. 2) What leavening does for food.. What phosphates do in leavening from Stauffer Chemicals. 3) Sodium Bicarbonate from FMC 4) Modern leavening with Sodium aluminum phosphates from Stauffer Chemicals. 5) Leavening Phosphates from Monsanto. 6) Food phosphates from Monsanto. No charge for any of these

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I took Floyd's advice and posted the titles of the books for sale.

Response has been underwhelming.

Anyone interested please post your e-mail address and I will contact you