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Good Evening

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Good Evening

Good evening, at least if you're EST. My name is Jeremy. I developed a taste for making my own bread a few years ago as a college student. I make bread whenever the mood strikes me, but I am very much an amateur baker. I have yet to make a good wheat or rye bread, for example. I've been reading the site off and on for a couple of months, and appreciate all of the posts. I believe that I have improved my baking a great deal, due in large part to sites like this and Bread Alone.

I was given a scale as a gift recently, so I am in the process of trying to learn baking by weight instead of cups. Bit of a strange addaption after a few years of baking. I have been making a pretzel-crust bread and some dinner rolls lately, as they have been a hit. I'm looking to expand into some other kind of breads, but I am at the mercy of my schedule.

Anyway, hello.



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And a good evening to you.

Glad to have you here and really glad that you're now using a scale, rather than volume measurements.  I think you'll find much more consistency in your baking results.  

As to rye, Leader has some good info on rye flour in his book but if you can get a copy of Hamelman's Bread, he covers rye even better.

Your local library should have a copy.

Yes, schedules and commitments sure can interfere with baking.  You quickly learn to bake a lot on the days you can, and freeze what  you can't immediately use.  That way you won't be at the mercy of inferior bread on the store shelves.