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Dan Leader's Pain au Levain and Local Breads

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Dan Leader's Pain au Levain and Local Breads

I love this bread!  See my blog post.  I also successfully converted my wet starter to a stiff dough starter.   Has anyone else baked much from this book?  I know about the errata but any other thoughts?  Any "must-try" recipes?  How about that Pane di Altamura with its special semolina sourdough?


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Last year I got this book and baked my way through almost every recipe.  aside from the typos, I really enjoy it, and it was my greatest helper in learning the ins and outs of natural leavening.  My favorites are pierre nury's light rye and pane di altamura, but there are many in this book worth writing home about.  Nury's rye is an absolute must-try, I know there are a lot of posts on here about it.  For my money, no bread beats pane di altamura in the morning with jam, it's wonderfully sour (not overpowering) and has an amazing texture.  


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steve guapo

This is my favorite bread book, and I own a number of bread books.  Almost everything I have tried has turned out fantastic, but my favorites are Polish Cottage Rye, and Light Silesian Rye, to which I add one teaspoon of caraway seeds, and one teaspoon of charnushka seeds, which I buy online from Penzey's Spices.  I add the seeds to the dough as I mix it.  Also, the pizza dough recipe is the very best I have ever tried, and I have tried lots of pizza dough recipes.  It is especially good if you retard it overnight after it has risen by about 2 1/2 times.  A very wet dough, but excellent pizza.  I think I have baked just about everything from the book, with very few upsets.  Steve