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Baking Cakes in Glass Pans

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Baking Cakes in Glass Pans

Is it possible / advisable to bake cakes in pyrex pans? I am trying to veer away from using non-stick coatings and thought that glass pans might be an alternative.

Would I need to alter temperatures or anything else about the recipe?



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I have both a pyrex and a metal non-stick coated loaf pan, and I must say that I am much more partial to the non-stick pan.  I have a problem with the bread sticking to the pyrex pan if it is a lean dough, even if I oil the loaf pan well.

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You'll need to grease up those glass 'pans' pretty well. Maybe even use a little flour. I do. I use parchment paper for everything but haven't used it on a cake before. It may work just fine, also.

I understand your concern about Teflon. After reading about the excessive amounts of aluminum in the brains of alzheimer's patients, I threw all my aluminum cookware out the door. It, too, gives off a gas at certain temps.

I only use stainless steel, now.



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You have to reduce your oven temperature by 25 deg.F. when you use Pyrex, or glass, pans.