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PR's BBA Focaccia

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PR's BBA Focaccia

I recently began baking bread for my family and following advice from this site have been making breads from BBA (while thoroughly reading J. Hammelman). I find it more fun to experiment with sourdough hearth breads but I have not converted everyone else, yet. In the interest of family harmony I am making PR's focaccia for dinner tonight and have a question about the instructions.  I interpreted his instructions to say "remove from fridge and let come to temperature for 3 hours" then proceed with final finger shaping and oiling and let rest for another 3 hours.  With my wee bit of new found knowledge I think I may have erred. This seems too long for an initial temperature stabilization and he probably wanted a three hour total before baking.  (I searched past topics quickly but did not see this addressed).  Too late now anyway but hope it still tastes OK otherwise I may have a revolt back to wonder bread!


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From refrigerator to oven, total time, 3 hours.

That would be my interpretation. Have not made it though.

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I've never made focaccia (except once, by accident!) but BBA states clearly "Remove pan (with shaped dough on it) from fridge after an overnight (or even a 3-day sojourn!) 3 hours BEFORE you wish to bake it..."

mrfrost is obviously correct