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Sekowa backferment

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Sekowa backferment

Whilst looking to find where I could buy a baneton basket I came across Sekowa Backfermant.  I've dabbled a bit with sourdough so I wonder if anyone has any experience of using the Sekowa and what you thing of it.  I also wondered if you can feed it like a sourdough or whether you make up the starter, which I understand keeps several weeks, then you use small portions of it and I don't knopw if then you have to make up another batch or whether you can keep it topped up by feeding.


I did find a site in the UK for baskets and lots of other bread baking things including the Sekowa

Look forward to reading any comments... thank you






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Thank you for mentioning the FORUM post.  I'll read it and take it from there.

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Cynthia - you can make up a batch of bakig ferment starter and keep it in your fridge for a couple of months, using a spoonful at each bake. It doesn't beahve like sourdough though - you consume, rather than feed it.

It can be used in direct replacement of fast-acting yeast, but it is very much slower (although tastes better)...Slow food comes to those that wait!

We've got more on our help pages about using Sekowa Bakferment (Sekowa Baking Ferment) on our Help/Blog pages: .