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I had a question about my sourdough discards.  I have read on these forums that many people will keep their discards in a jar to make pancakes, waffles, and other recipies that don't require much rise. 

Do I just keep a jar in the fridge and just keep adding to it?  How long do the discards stay good for and do I need to feed it at all? 



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That's what I do, just keep dumping them in. Every now and then I'll take out a tiny bit, feed it accordingly and then make stuff out of it. My most recent adventure was pancakes from the Wild Yeast blog and those were delicious. 

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Do I need to feed my discards that have been sitting in the fridge for a few days before using it in a waffle recipe (eg King Arthur's Sourdough Waffles)?


If I don't feed it, will the flavor be extremely sour?

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I just keep dumping the discard in the jar...though every time I add new discard, I mix it up with the old discard.  It stays in the fridge for months with no problem, and I don't find the banana bread or muffins that I make with the discard has any sourness at all.