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Exel program to calculate actual weight requirements base on baker's percentages

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Exel program to calculate actual weight requirements base on baker's percentages

Hi all,

I have been reading "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" amd "Advanced Breads and Pastry".   It came to me that I could make an Excel Spreadsheet where one could input  the bread baker's percentages from a formulalong with how many of what pound loaves were desired and have it calculate the grames, pounds/ounces, and US decimal.

This would eliminat the need for yield and test info.   You could make as many as you wish and test as many as you wish.

Does anyone know if such a Excel spreadsheet exists?? ??

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I think someone posted one at some point, but in reality it takes just a few minutes to make your own and adapt it to your specific requirements. Personally, I put every recipe I use in excel.

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I have several variation of formula/recipes spreadsheets that I fine extremely useful. I have Excel, but prefer doing them in Sun Microsystem's free spreadsheet program.


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Frequent Flyer

I don't know if that particular spreadsheet exists.  I have built several Excel spreadsheets for bread, but usually I'm inputting weight or volumes of ingredients and determining weights of ingredients and/or percentages.

I much prefer weights, so if I want to make a recipe where volumes are given, I'll convert to weights using my densities and see if the percent hydration makes sense and adjust liquids accordingly.  I also have starter components inputed to allow conversion between stiff and liquid starters.

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I have three spreadsheets online that you can use if you like them.  They are located here.

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I use all sorts of spreadsheets for my bread formulas.  I keep it simple, though - I just change the numbers in red (how much white baguette bread I want to make) here, and the ingredient weights all get sorted out for me.  It makes experimenting with juggling the ratios easy, too.

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Thanks for the spreadsheet.   Now, I am not an Excel expert but it appears to me that your spreadsheet does not do any calculating, correct ?

None of the cells contain a typical Excel formula?????



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Hello LeadDog,

I see you Excel spreadsheeet but it is not in Excel format.   Does it do calculations ??

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It's time I chime in, I have a different version which is not a Spreadsheet, but a web application located at

I am still testing everything, but it is easy to use