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Japanese sandwich bread

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Japanese sandwich bread

Update:  3/1/2011

I haven't been satisfied with my old version sandwich bread because I smell strong yeast in the bread and the loaf was dry quickly. I have been working on my recipe to improve.  This sandwich loaf is my favorite.  I hope you will like it too.



Japanese sandwich bread




To avoid to have strong smell of the commercial yeast, I decreased down to 0.9% as to 100% flour.

Ingredients:(Pullman:23cmx10.5cmx10cm)  (The height after baking : About15cm)

Active dry yeastー 4g

Water  ( I use  40℃ water in winter) DDT 26℃ 225g

Egg yolk (1)+Whipping cream 80g

Sugar 20g

Bread flour (King Arthur )450g

Salt 6.8g

Butter (Soften) *Adding it in the last*  30g

写真 Put "●" ingredient from the water, the egg yolk, the whipping cream and the yeast in the container and mix well --> Let it rise for 10-20 minutes until fermented:  The top: After mixing The bottom : After 10 minutes ( It is ready to goto the next step)
写真  Add "▲" ingredients in the yeast mixture and mix well with hands

写真 Add the butter when the dough is well combined.   * It may not rise well if you add the butter in step "2"
写真 Knead from the center out in every direction for 10-13 minutes. You might need some water to moist the dough to make strong gluten.
写真 You can finish to knead when you see window pane. 
写真 Put the dough in the big container that is coated with oil . Bulk fermentation 1.5 -2 hours at 15-19℃ (2.5 times volume )
写真 Punch down lightly- Divide it into two. Make 2 round bowls --->Cover it with saran wrap that is coated with oil. Or you can put the dump towels on it.-----> Bench time 30 minutes.
写真 Sprinkle the flour ( 50% all purpose flour and 50% rice flour) on the surface very lightly, Flip the dough over , flatten the dough to make oval shapes using a rolling pin.  Don't flatten the dough with your hands that will more likely to have a big holes on the top of the loaf.
写真 Roll it from the outside.
10 削除 追加
写真 After rolling,
写真 Flip the dough,
写真 Flatten the dough with your hands.
* Check the top and the bottom width before rolling. Roll from the side is narrower.
写真 Roll softly but not tightly like holding a baby.
写真 Pinch very well.
写真 Mold them in the tin that is coated with oil.
写真 Place the dough that have even spaces.
写真 Proof:  1 -2 hours at  28-30℃.  The dough rises  2cm over the top of the tin.  
Bake Preheat 226℃ OR 438F
Decrease 210℃ OR 410F and bake for 35 minutes or until golden.
Take it out from the oven, drop the tin from 30  cm height to give it shock.  Take the loaf out of the tin, 
写真 Put some butter on the top of the loaf, place it on the rack to cool.
* I recommend you to slice the loaf as soon as it is cool completely, then put it in a freezer that will keep fresh.


* I don't recommend to put some egg wash, water, milk on the loaf before baking. ?---> It may have difficulty to take the loaf out of the tin because of the liquid work as a glue in the tin. 



This is the old version. You can use the loaf pan using the parchment paper to make a  tall loaf.


 I didn't have a loaf pan with lid that has 10cm height and I had been admiring to bake a taller bread for a long time.( I bought the pan with lid several months ago FINALLY!) But I still use this USA loaf pan yet.  I think that somebody like me who might want to make a taller one. And, It is very soft and stretchy?( I don't know how to describe, but it is not cakey, it has strong volume.) My family and neighbors really love it.

 Sandwich bread  ( USA loaf pan  23cm x 13cm x 7cm) It will be 10-12cm height after baking. This picture's is 11cm. Sorry, 13cm height was wrong that I  commented below.





Active dry yeast  


Warm water




1 Egg yolk  (L)+ Heavy Whipping cream=

*To warm up :10seconds in a microwave using normal mode.


All purpose flour or bread flour





*To soften: 20 second for microwave using defrost mode.


*Butter for brushing after baking(Optional)


#I always use all purpose flour  

1. 手順1の写真Put Active dry yeast, warm water, and sugar in a small bowl. Set on the side.

2. 手順2の写真Left= Put all purpose flour, salt in a large bowl and mix. Left=Put egg yolk + whipping cream in a small bowl and mix.

3.Put flour + salt and the yeast mixture  and the egg yolk mixture in Food processor. Run for 1 minutes until combine.

4.手順4の写真 ■Add butter and run for 30 second until combine. *Scrape the dough with a spatula, and  take the dough out of the food processor and knead by hand. ( push it down and stretch, and fold) instead of using a spatula.

*  These are the double same sentences but I couldn't erase the sentence on the next comment I added to fix. ( Sorry)

5 手順5の写真■Repeat 4 about 15 minutes in total until the dough is stretchy and shiny.

6. 手順6の写真■Take a look! This is very important to have a loaf which has strong gluten.

7. 手順7の写真■Put some shortening on a large bowl, and place the dough in. Proof at 28℃ or 32F  for 50 minutes or until the loaf double in size.

8. 手順8の写真■Punch down to degas gently,Turn the dough onto a counter and divide in 2 and shape. ( It is much better to have beautiful loaf when you measure it) rest for 20 minutes.

9. ■Shape

手順2の写真: Japanese bakery way

手順1の写真: My way: to have taller loaf.  Both oval's height should be around 20cm. * pinch very well!

10■Place each of the dough in a loaf pan like the picture below.( It will rise equally)



11■ Pace the dough have equal space in the pan.

    手順10の写真←Japanese Bakery way


   手順3の写真←My way

12■Put a parchment paper to have a taller loaf.


13■Proof at 38℃ or 100F  until the dough rises up to the top of the pan.


11. ■Preheat the oven to 200℃ or 400F.  Decrease 180℃ or 350F and bake for 30 minutes.

12. ■Drop the pan with the loaf onto a ground about 15cm height to give the dough shock, and remove it immediately from the pan and cool on a rack for at least 1 hour or so, before slicing or serving. ( * Optional: Brush melted butter on the surface.)



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I forgot to put more pictures of this.

This bread height will be about 13cm .

You can use bread flour too. It will rise more than that.

In addition to my recipe above,

On the 4th process, I take the dough out of the food processor and knead by hand. ( push it down and stretch, and fold) instead of using a spatula.

and,My way's shaping is unclear so then I show you this picture.

手順10の写真 On the2nd, I am rolling the dough. On the 3rd,I use both hands (I couldn't take the picture without my right hand) Accidently, The dough stick together when I place them in the pan. I wanted to put them that have equal spaces in it.

I have a budget for food to save money, so then I use all purpose flour only mostly. I also love all purpose flour. But I don't like Target's brand one that smells strong  for me and they didn't rise.


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Very nice!   Dan Lepard's Milk Loaf produces a similar looking bread, also made the same way, two large "balls" inside a loaf pan, baking into a single concoction


I haven't made it in a long time...

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Thank you for your knowledge but  I don't know Dan Lepard's Milk Loaf unfortunately.

I will look up the recipe to check out. :) I realize that I don't know anything.

I am learning a lot of things here. Thank you so much, SallyBR!

My husband and kids love the bread. Did you like the bread that you made before? I hope so :)



SallyBR's picture

That bread was delicious!

I should have a photo somewhere in my files, but of course now that I want to show it to you, I cannot find it... :-(


Dan Lepard is my favorite bread baker author, his book, The Handmade Loaf, never leaves my bedside table.  Well, it only leaves that spot when it's in the kitchen!


If you want to know more about it, I professed my love for it here....




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I am very glad that you liked it. I wish I could see the picture :) I can imagine though :) The bread is very soft and moist but not cakey.

I put the word " Dan Lepard's Milk Loaf" on the google search, and I found the one that is the same way to shape by TYfarmer who is a great baker like a professional and his pictures are amazing. I think you saw her posts too :)

I am very interested in the book that you introduced me. I will go to the library to borrow!!

Thank you so much,


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They actually make batch bread your way. You could place four loaves accross the pan, space permitting. It is just broken apart with some rough edges, and it's been done that way quite far back. It is a convenient way to make bread easier and fast. I like your shaping method. Nice pictures, and well explained.  Regards, Ray

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Yes, Many Japanese bakers make the bread the way as you describe.

 I am very happy to hear that " well explained" from you.  

And, I like my shaping method too :P  I love to see my bread dough rising a lot :) That is a moment that I really love.

Happy baking,



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Hello, Tatoosh

I am so glad to hear that my recipe worked well for you, and more, you made your own great recipe, too!  I can't find any carabao milk here easily although I will look for the ingredient for now with interest. Your recipe that using a poolish method is a great idea!   Thank you for improving my recipe!  I will try your way when I make this loaf.

Thank you so much, Tatoosh!!


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I made this the other day! wonderfully sweet! I think I will use it to make rolls!

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I am so happy to hear that my recipe worked out for you, too!

I will add 6g sugar (Total 26g ) when I make rolls. 

Thank you for your comment that has just made my day!