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I just have removed my bread  from the oven. I baked in Romertopf for the first time. I oiled the pot  but I can`t remove the bread from the pot . Could anyone advise me in this matter? I would be grateful . I baked another one in  cheap oven safe pot and I removed the bread easily.


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>>I oiled the pot

oops.  not good.

soak the stuck on bread out - just put the dough in the clay pot no oil - light dusting of flour/cornmeal/multiple other choices - but no oil no water.

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After the pot cooled off I noticed that only small part of the bread stuck and I could cut that part from the pot and remove the bread. I agree with You,  that greasing the pot was not a  good idea. Not only I had that problem but also the bread has very dark crust.

Thanks for help.

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Hi, Przytulanka,

They are lovely breads!  That nice bold crust is going to taste a lot better than a pale crust.  The Malliard reaction and caramelization bring a lot of goodness to the flavor table, so enjoy!

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Just a little patience has served you well. Your breads turned out perfectly after all.


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I use my Romertopf all the time but only with parchment paper.  Plop your dough on the paper for the final rise, then drop in the bottom.  I soak the lid first (don't know if it helps or not).  Try to trim the paper so that not much sticks out as the overage will burn at high temps.

Bread comes out great and no sticking.

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Mini Oven

but only after soaking in water first.  Then it didn't stick.