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Baking in the bowl...

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Baking in the bowl...


I have been working on my sourdough. I always have trouble with my round loaf flattening out, my dough tends to be a little over hydrated and surface tension is an issue. But I like the lighter crumb I get with the hydrated dough (I am sure I have lots of areas for improvement, I will get there).

Recently I had a minor epiphany about my bowls. I have three medium sized Pyrex mixing bowls, I figured if I let my loaves proof in those bowls I could just bake in them. I think it may be cheating, but the sourdough I made last week came out phenomenal (ate it too fast to take a picture lol). That time was a bit ad hoc so today I will bake actually PLANNING to use the bowls thus. They are proofing at the moment and look good. This round is 50% WW so it will be different then the last one, but I will be happy to get a similar tall beautiful result.

That is the dough proofing, I will add a pic after I bake it because it is amusing the heck out of me =)

What other surprising tools do our bread makes McGyver out of their found objects?

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Lol, OK, fairly fail but the bread is tasty and looks good upside down... The slices are perfect sammach size anyway

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I've baked several times in a stainless steel mixing bowl the bread rose in. The bowl is thin, so it has a good heat transfer. No problem with sticking, just spray the bowl with non-stick spray before adding dough. My loaves fall right out. 

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wanting to bake in in my Pyrex mixing bowl too but never got around to it.  Will have to give it a go with the next bake!