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Sourdough Starter Exchange

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Sourdough Starter Exchange

Anyone interested in a sourdough starter exchange?

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I have a very active starter that I got going from Carl's Friends 1847 Oregon starter (I think that's the name).  It does a great job.


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I'm in! I've got a (according to legend) very old starter -- 150+ years -- that my grandpa has been keeping going for the past 36 years. It's active, healthy, and fed weekly. I've never shipped it but would be absolutely willing to try. 

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This might be fun to do since most of the time I discard more than half of my starter when I feed it anyway. My starters seem to run in the mild (non sour) catagory. I would be interested in some starter that results in a very sour finished product.

I'm sure sending a small amount isn't going to break the bank either. Do you think it makes a difference if it's sent during the hotter summer months, or should it be sent during the cooler winter months. I think here in the states, ground UPS is about 5 days.


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Captain Ted

I would be interested in that as along as it does not get into the hundreds or thousands of mailings . My starter is 120+ years old and I have had it going for the past 40 or so.

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Urchina & Captain Ted & all,

Count me in.   Do you need money to ship ??

Email me with "Sourdough Starter Exchange"  in the subject and I will send money and an address.

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I had an old sourdough starter which I brought back from alaska and which was amazing, sadly my mom threw it out thinking it was rotten :( I was hoping for a sourdough starter although I lost my other one to exchange. I would be happy to pay for mailing. If anyone has a particularly sour one I would be especially interested as i want to try making bread and biscuits, which I usually do over the campfire.