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Introduction and thanks

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Introduction and thanks

I'm new to baking and have been following forum entries and recipes from the Fresh Loaf for instruction.  I have made a starter and have been baking breads using my "Burning River" starter as well as yeast recipes from Peter Reinharts books checked out from my local library for about a month now. Finally took some pictures to post.  Just wanted to thank all of the extremely knowledgeable members of this forum for their help in shortening what would otherwise have been a VERY long learning curve.  These baguettes were made using PR's Pain De Campagne recipe.  Comments welcome!  Also, any forum members east of Cleveland?  (Hence the "Burning River" starter).

Thanks, Steve!

Steve's bread 1

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Greetings from another Cleveland (east side) member.

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and I'll bet the flavor is way better than the Cuyahoga!