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A "Down Under" Legend in the making.

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A "Down Under" Legend in the making.

There is a very well regarded Artisan Bakery in Western Australia.

The bakery is called New Norcia and its claim to fame, beside its excellent bread, is that the bakery operates under an agreement with the New Norcia Benedictine community, 133km north-east of Perth, Western Australia.

A much prized recipe has been placed on the ABC Perth webite.

Kingsley Sullivan from New Norcia Bakery shared his sourdough recipe.

The sourdough bread recipe is familiar. However the starter is unusual as the ingredients are 250ml cold potato water, grape juice, lemon juice or plain water
250 grams stone-ground, wholemeal flour.

Just go to the websites for more information.



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Chatswood NSW! 

It's a great shame that the New Norcia Bakery wasn' still at New Norcia with the monestry a beautiful little town not that far out from Perth.(2 hour drive)

The name and production have moved to Perth and although the product is very good it is Mount Hawthorn NOW.

There is also Abbey ALE that is made in Camperdown NSW, apparently to be able to sell an Abbey Ale it has to be linked to a functioning monastry, the monks recieve a pecentage from sales it won a gold medal recently and is a 7% ale,

Wih only 8 monks left  to look after 65 buildings that the monastry owns these deals help support them. They produced their own olives, olive oil, bread, beer and wine at one time.and worked a farm. You are able to visit and stay there at a reasonable cost too. i have put it on my must do soon list. The monastry was founded in 1846 by Benedictine monks.

Whilst looking up the Abbey ale  there was a very interesting link to MALT so for those interested google cryer malt.

 Kind regards Yozza

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Potato based sourdough starter is used and demonstrated in a series of YouTube videos the first of which is

I though it interesting and made the starter myself last week. I have not used it, but plan to test it in the next few weeks. I have 2 other starters that I am happy with, but thought I'd experiment with this potato base starter in a G-F bread experiment.

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That last link was to a video of the making of the starter, and this link is to the making of his bread using the potato starter: