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Reinhart's starter vs. Leader's

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Carl Bergensis

Reinhart's starter vs. Leader's

I have a Leader rye starter I am very happy with, but I want to try some of Reinhart's recipes. Unfortunately, I have not gotten very far with Reinhart's starters, How can I substitute? Reinhart's seem drier.


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Hi Carl,

Since you have a working starter, all you need to do is use a portion of your existing culture and change the hydration according to whatever the formula calls for.

You can also convert that portion from rye to wheat (if needed) by using AP for a few refreshments.

No need to reinvent the wheel - just change direction.

Hope this helps....

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Reinhart uses 1:2:3 ratio (1 part starter: 2 parts water: 3 parts flour) in ABED.  I don't know if it's the same in BBA. The consistency at 66% hydration is like a very wet, loose dough.

As Lindy mentioned, you can convert some of your starter to the firmer starter by doing a couple of feedings using Reinhart's ratio/hydration. 

Let us know how your breads turn out.

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has anyone converted the 5 minutes a day master recipe for use with sourdough starter. I would like to make this with my starter  Michael