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Long Time Baker...New Member

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Long Time Baker...New Member

Hi Folks,

A long time home baker but a new member and first time poster. I've had the site linked for a long time and have used it as a resource many times and found some wonderful recipes. I consider this and Wild Yeast along with the KAF site my first places to turn for baking answers. Look forward to shareing ideas and maybe some of my experience with all you fellow bakers. I posted my first post over the the pizza,focaccia forum just a little while ago about an article on focaccia in the newest Cook's magazine. There is a link to the online article and it makes a pretty good focaccia. I used it last night and other than substituting a cup of ripe sourdough starter for the biga I followed the recipe and it turned out two nice loaves. Give it a's basically a no knead recipe so it is pretty quick and easy. The only challenge for a new baker is the very wet dough it produces which sometimes is tricky.

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wwiiggggiinnss (not verified)

Very wet hands makes very wet dough very easy.

A tip that never fails me.

I find myself using food safe gloves a lot these days (tired of peeling dried paper-maché-like flour-water residue off my fingers.).

Water doesn't stick to the polyethylene gloves very well, so I have to keep dipping them in water when working with very wet dough.


New user here too; will check out Wild Yeast. Is this it:

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Hello and Welcome

This is a great site and i am sure whatever you are looking for you will find it. Lots of great people here who are always willing to help you out with good advice.