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Nick Malgieri's Seven Grain & Seed Bread (Straun)

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Nick Malgieri's Seven Grain & Seed Bread (Straun)

Ever since I read PR's Bread Upon the Waters and first baked his Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire from BBA, I've been in love with straun. With so many grains and seeds to choose from, the possible variations of multigrain bread are endless.

Of course, some combinations are more successful than others. So I was anxious to try Nick's variation on this wonderful bread in The Modern Baker; but I was a bit skeptical, too. After all, how would it compare to PR's amazing straun?

I needn't have worried. This is a wonderful recipe and makes a fantastic multigrain bread. Check it out here:

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Your bread looks great! The last struan I tried was pretty blah. I also like that you use loaf pans. I didn't know if this is considered ok as I do not have bannetons or brotforms as yet and still use my loaf pans for breads that need a form. I have all the ingredeints on hand, but am in the middle of a batch of ciabatta and sourdough cinnamon rolls. Not sure how any are going to turn out, but the rolls are in the oven. Maybe next weekend....Andrea