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Question about bulk fermenting at 55 to 60 degrees

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Question about bulk fermenting at 55 to 60 degrees

I am doing some poolish baguettes tomorrow and was thinking about doing the bulk ferment in my wine fridge that can be manually set anywhere between 50 and 60 degrees. I was thinking I could do a longer, slower ferment. My questions are...


Will this have a beneficial outcome to my loaves?


How much longer will it take to ferment at say 55 degrees compared to 72 degrees?


Any input or related experience on the subject would be appreciated.



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The general rule of thumb is that yeast activity is halved or doubled for every 7 degrees (some say up to 14 but I personally question that) over a range from say 40 to 100 degrees. So at 55 your proofing rate would be about 1/4 that at 70. At 50 degrees it would be about 1/8th. Keep in mind however that it takes time for the dough to cool and the interior continues to proof faster for a while (and that the skin proofs faster while warming). That's my take. Others may have somewhat different experiences.