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What is the best way to store flour for several weeks, (months)

Today, I received 4 pakages of KA Sir Lancelot flour. I plan on using these for pizzas.

Right now, I go through 5 - 10 lbs. of AP or organic flour per week, so I don't worry about sorage conditions.

 But what is the best way to store flour for several months, (the Sir Lancelot, WW, Semolina) the flours we don't use on a daily or weekly  basics.

I have a vacuum seal food saver, so I could vacuum seal them and/or freeze them.

What have others found is the best storage method.


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I tend to keep my specialty flours in ziplock bags in the freezer. If I had a foodsaver, I might try that. I buy my AP flour in 25 or 50 pound bags, which I keep in a giant ziplock in the basement.

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I was told freezing in air tight too. We'll be buying a bigger freezer REALLY soon and I can't wait!

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Keep flour in an airtight container with a couple of bay leaves and you shouldn't have any bug problems.  For specialty flours that could go rancid, the fridge or freezer is your best bed.

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Many thanks everyone.  For longer storage,  I'll vacuum seal and freeze.

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Pick up a 5 gallon bucket with lid. A 5 gallon bucket will easily hold an entire 25lb bag of flour. Store in a cool, dry place. If you're going through 5-10lbs of flour a week then there a couple of factors to consider...1) That's a lot of flour to store in the freezer, do you have a restaurant style walk-in freezer?! lol. 2) Your frequent use doesn't warrant an extreme storage solution such as vaccuum sealing-it's burdensome to create individual vaccuum sealed packages and it takes up prime real estate in the freezer. Think about it, if you go to any deli or bakery they have their flour left out in the sacks or dumped into a container with a lid...they sure aren't vaccuum sealing flour or going to any extreme measures to preserve it...

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I agree.  I do nothing extra to perserve my every day flours.  I was just wondering about the ones I use infrequently.  Like spelt, somelina, pizza flour, etc.



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KAF bakers

We recommend that whole grain flours be stored in the freezer to maintain maximum flavor and freshness. The non whole grain flours are shelf stable for about a year. To extend their life the freezer is a good option. Happy Baking! Mary@ KAF

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Thanks Mary:

I appreciate the KAF crew and your interest in us.-   Recently (abouit 5 yrs. ago) I converted my company to an ESOP and I think it makes all the difference in the world.  (Well maybe I'm a couple of years behind KAF) Tell all the crew at KAF hi - and many thanks for your suggestions.


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As in a lot of products, it's 'Location, location, location.'  I live in the Hilo rain forest of Hawaii, my brother lives in Kona.  I can leave flour out of a jar, in the bag for a week and have hairy mould on it.  It also smells like dirty laundry, but throw some of it out in the rain and it will bubble and grow like a wild poolish.  The brother can leave his out for weeks on end and still has to kick it with yeast (I get wild yeast).  We live 130 miles apart, but I get rain daily, and he has to have water piped in.

If you live in an area that's dry, don't worry.  I also put all new flour in the freezer for two days to kill any little bugs or eggs that may be in it, then it goes into air tight jars. 

Bob Farrell

High on Kilauea Volcano