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sourdough bagels

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Renee B

sourdough bagels

I just made the sourdough bagels posted on this site under the title "sourdough bagels revisited".  They rock.  I kept the hydration a little higher than the recipe stated (about 50g higher).  I like the size of a 3oz piece of dough for the family, but if I make them for sale, I will double the size to 6oz.

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Hi iRenee - Glad to hear your sourdough bagels turned out so well.  Just my opinion, but a 6 oz bagel's going to be the size of spare tire.  I think 3 oz is closer to what you want.  Anyhow, just my 2-cents worth.


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While you are right in suggesting 3 oz. as the correct size for a bagel - meaning more authentic and less likely to ruin your diet - I agree that 6 oz. is the right way to go for the sale of a bagel. It really doesn't matter where you look anymore (and I am writing from NYC), bagels sold to the public are large, and as a result a bagel customer will expect that. 6 oz. may seem like a lot but it will produce a bagel that most hungry patrons will recognize as 'correct'.

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The one you get from eating too much good bread?