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Humid day, company on way...

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Humid day, company on way...

Hi! I am baking up some lovely loaves for company tonight, and wondered what would help keep the crust crisp on a humid day.

Room temp is about  80 or so, but basement is about 70 with dehumidifier running.

All boules are variations on basic lean sourdough @ 73% hydration. First one is coming out of oven; any advice for cooling and storing?


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Mini Oven

then cut apart.   Cover any openings with foil.

How was it?

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Thanks Mini! I knew you'd pop in with the best approach!

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I always mist the bread with water before placing them into the oven (at 375 F). After 5 - 10 minutes, or when you start smelling baked bread, they come out perfectly crisp, like freshly baked.

I do the same to crisp frozen, thawed breads.