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SF Baker relearning to bake!

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SF Baker relearning to bake!


After about a 15 year hiatus I am back baking bread. To my shame it took a lovely friend giving me her zorushi because she got a new one. It has made it so decadently easy to produce a nice white loaf I have not bought sandwich bread for about 2 months now!

But now my past has caught up with me, and as in all things culinary I just can not leave a good thing alone... I have to make it better.

Last weeks experiment with making a french style loaf was not exactly a flop, but more akin to a cross between Italian and White. Tasty but not satisfying at all.

This morning a google landed me on the French bread lesson here and I quickly discovered what a clever community of bakers are gathered here. I am so glad to have joined!



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This is indeed a "Clever Community" and it never ceases to amaze me at the passion and dedication of this group of "Bread Heads". I found this site because I was board with the breads I was baking for my family and wanted to make something different. What a can of worms that turned out to be.(in a good way)