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Bakeries of 1946

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Bakeries of 1946

I came across this video located in the Library of Congress.  It features  a bakery in 1946 along with bread baking know-how of that time. Enjoy!

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It's nice to know that women are capable of performing light work such as icing cakes and waiting on customers... this right after years of 'Rosie the Riveter' and other such war-time positions.  Reminds me of the old "Help Wanted" listings in the newspaper.  Help Wanted: MALE and  Help Wanted: FEMALE headings were the norm.  Guess there have been some advances since then!

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They'd have to put me on the icing of cakes job - I'd be a cranky old bitty with the customers if that's all I was allowed to do.  It's good to see things have come so far, but I have to admit that was very entertaining and in a way, the film seemed to reflect an innocence in that era. 

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Wow... thanks for the video.. that was pretty good. I didnt know they had so many machines in the baking industry by that time.

Hmmmm thinking back... I didnt see any kneading machines... guess they did it with that huge mixer?


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Steve, I did see one guy kneading his breads by hand, but you're right... didn't really see that too much so it probably did come from the giant mixture.  That was a great video, thanks for posting.