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No Knead Sourdough

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Cathryn K

No Knead Sourdough



Finally found it! A way to incorporate good sourdough flavor with the ease of no-knead! :-) Unfortunately, we ate up a lot of this loaf before discovering that the photo was too big to upload- maybe I'll have it figured out by the next loaf. It has good crumb, a lot of natural splitting on top, and great taste, and sooo easy!!


Basing off a "Simple No-Knead Bread" recipe using 6 1/2 C AP flour, baked in a Dutch Oven, here are my variations and success!!

Mix together and let sit for 1/2 hour:

1 C whole wheat sour dough, mature

1 C white sour dough- mature

2 1/2 C water- room temp.

1 Tb. instant bread yeast

Then stir in vigorously: 

1 C rye flour - freshly ground, coarse

1 C hard winter white wheat - freshly ground

1/2 C hard red winter wheat - freshly ground

1 1/2 Tb. kosher salt

1/4 C sesame seeds

1/4 C flax seeds

Then mix in up to 4 C AP flour until the dough is thoroughly mixed and thick.

Autolyse 1/2 hour, Mix again for several minutes

Turn into a large plastic box, cover lightly, let rise 2 hours, S&F,

let rise 45 minutes while preheating the oven with Dutch Oven inside with lid on.

Dump dough into DO, bake 30 min. lid on, 33 min. lid off

Let cool at least an hour before cutting.


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That's a whole lotta yeast.

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Mini Oven

Sourdough is a no knead bread in my opinion.  Why add the yeast?

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Delete this comment, please.

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Cathryn K

Even though sourdough rises on its own, the addition of yeast makes rising time much shorter. Even Peter Reinhart has yeast-assisted breads in his books, which surprised me until I read and tried the recipes. A purist no more, I now add yeast :-)