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Request for links to be underlined

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Request for links to be underlined

First of all, this site is a great resource. But it would be even greater if links in the posts could be underlined or at least highlighted in some way to be a completely different colour from the rest of the content. Thank you.


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At least on my 2 computers. The other text in a post is black. When they(links) are coded to become just a word or two, it is sometimes a little difficult to notice the brown text. After a link has been clicked on, it becomes a darker brown.

Of course they do become underlined when cursored over.

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The links appear in a different color on the two computers I use as well and often times they are underlined.

If you can't see the color difference, Elizabeth, you could try adjusting your monitor to see if that helps.

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Unvisited link text is light brown while text is black and the contrast is pretty strong.

Is it possible youve got a monitor not showing colors well? You can also override page preferences - on Firefox the option is in the dialog box when you click Firefox>>Preferences>>and on the Content tab you click the Colors button and you uncheck the box where it says allow pages to use their own colors. It's a bit of an axe-method, but if your monitor is really giving problems in terms of showing colors you can turn up the contrast to something more to your liking that way.

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Most browsers have a way of overriding the style sheet for the pages you view. Have a google for how to do this for your particular browser. I think for firefox you have to edit a default .css file.

I recall that this was easier in IE, but it's been a LOOONG time since I've used the Microsoft browser.


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The links are already in a different color, which is very obvious on some monitors and barely noticeable on other monitors. (Also unless your browser has been badly customized, the links change to underlined with yet another color when you move your mouse over them.) I suggest you look into adjusting your monitor. If you once made it as bright as possible so you could view it despite some sunshine, the colors are probably washed out. Back off both the brightness quite a bit and the contrast somewhat.


Many monitors have an "auto adjust" to figure all this out for themselves, and many have a detent in the middle of the range meaning "normal". If you have to "do it yourself", there are test pattern and calibration tools available (mostly requiring a download). A test pattern that does not require a download can be found at (scroll down a little so the color bars fill your screen).

If the colors are all messed up, there's even a "color" or "hue" adjustment on almost all monitors. (Beware though that changing this can make a big mess, like adjusting a color TV used to be. If it's still at the factory setting because you've never changed it, leave it alone.)

Your monitor probably also has a "color temperature" adjustment. Note where it is before you change it so you can put it back just like it was. This changes "how white" very light color are. Try reducing it - if the links are easier to see great, if it didn't help then put it back like it was so you don't mess up something else.

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I don't think this issue is confined to just me. Recently, I've noticed at least a couple of queries in the forum from people saying "where's the link??" (And from what I understand from statistics, where there are a couple of visible queries, there are several invisible ones as well.)

Convention says that links are underlined. I don't think it matters that the links are underlined on hovering. If a person reading the post doesn't know there are links, she/he won't hover over the whole text just to see if anything gets underlined. Personally, I think the link colours are not different enough from the text. (Don't forget about the colour blind....) I'm not particularly keen on getting my browser to override the Fresh Loaf settings.

And so, my request stands.


(I checked my monitor at The Lagom LCD monitor test pages ( and I can see all 32 bands.

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to capitalize and use the Bold print when inserting a link to make it stand out if just using a word like HERE.

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Yes, that would help too. The other thing that would help is if the rich text editor on the form would show that the links will NOT be underlined. (Just as a warning.)

But, to flog a dead horse, the best and easiest solution (in my view, anyway) would be to have the links underlined. It would likely be just one change in the stylesheet....