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First Picture Post

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First Picture Post


Hello everyone,


Here a some pics from my bake


half whole wheat, half AP

French fold and some Stretch and fold.


The picture of the crumb didnt upload correctly but its still somewhat visible:)

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Good execution here. Your crumb is nicely aerated and perfect for a sandwich loaf. Well done.


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Thanks for the reply

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Mini Oven

The top scoring opened up nicely and the crumb is text book perfect!


SylviaH's picture

I love slits on top of this type of bread.  Did you know you can also post your photos in the blog section.  Great way to keep track of your bakes and watch your own progress.


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I'll  take a look at the blog area.

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What you have right there is the perfect sandwich loaf! Well, done... looking forward to seeing more from you.


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And you say you're a newbie!!


wally's picture

...and a good looking crumb to boot.  Bet they taste as good as they look.


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So good!

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Can you pls advise the difference between using AP flour and bread flour in yr loaves?   I made some raisin bread using 50% bread flour and 50% AP flour but found the texture to be a little too cakey.  May have been my kneading that was at fault but I find that using AP flour makes much softer bread.

Yassel's picture

I read somewhere that you can use AP flour but, of good quality and still get almost or the same results as bread flour.  My goal with this approach was knowing that WHole wheat bread needs an Aid to get a good rise I mixed in 50% AP gold medal brand.  I think the diffrences in the flours is in the amount of proteins in the them but, with the french fold you get an excellent gluten development and even better with a few stretch and folds.

jyslouey's picture

I've not tried using the stretch and fold method yet but after reading Dough by R. Bertinet and Peter Reinhart's ABED I am very tempted to try and use use the S&F method followed by overnite retardation in the fridge.