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Globe SP5 or Electrolux DLX 2000? (one is one sale:))

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Globe SP5 or Electrolux DLX 2000? (one is one sale:))

Hi, I want to a buy a mixer, and I was just about set on Electrolux after reading reviews of it on TFL. Then I saw that the Globe SP5 is on sale (half price!) in a nearby restaurant supply store. It seems like a planetary mixer (whereas the electrolux is closer to a spiral? I am not sure about th eelectrolux). Does anyone know about globe sp5? Any advice on globe vs electrolux? Thanks!

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I think it depends a lot on how much you bake and what you tend to cook/bake.

The Globe mixer you are spying is 5 quarts. It's powerful, it's known to be a great mixer, but it's capacity is the likes of the standard KA. Which might be perfect for you. With the type of mixing it does, it's also good for other types of mixing - cakes, cookies, etc. (in smallish batches).

The DLX (which I have owned for 5 years) is a completely different kind of mixer that uses a roller and spatula. it's great for breads because of it's type of mixing/kneading of ingredients, it doesn't overheat or strain the machine, and it's wide open top allows easy access to the dough to add ingredients and touch/feel the dough. Plus, it's an 8 quart bowl.

However, for whipping cream or eggs, or cake batter, you need to use the small bowl and whisk attachment which has a 4 quart (or smaller?) capacity. I still love that small bowl and find it great, but some people never use that part of the mixer or use a KA for other things. At that point, it's personal preference.

If they are the same price, it's all about preference and your size needs. Can you foresee needing 8 quart capacity or not (that's about 4 loaves of bread at a time). if the Globe is now cheaper, does that push it more in favor? and so on.

Really, they are both known to be great machines - it's just what you plan to do with it that is the deciding factor.

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Thanks for the advice! 90% of what I bake is bread (if not closer to 100%). And I usually mix between 1.5 lbs to 4 lbs dough, not much more. Reason I'm looking at a mixer is because mixing Rye bread dough or Wholewheat bread dough tends to be too much of a workout, and I want to take the easy way out.

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