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diastatic malt powder

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diastatic malt powder

This may not be the right venue for this; if so, I apologize and hope somebody has any recommendations for where to post this? Anyway, my husband recently accidentally ordered a (second) 1lb bag of diastatic malt powder after I had already ordered one. Is there anybody who'd be interested in buying it? I don't want to throw it out and it's such a little sought product that posting it on Craigslist probably wouldn't stir any interest. It was $2.09 for the powder plus $9 (absurd) for shipping, but I'd be happy to sell it for $6, via Paypal.


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your post is absurd. This forum is not (yet) a garage sale. Are you really serious or is this a joke?

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Thor Simon

I cannot see the harm in using this forum to exchange specialty baking products when we occasionally buy the wrong thing, too much, etc.  In fact, I think it helps to create a sense of community.


Christine: sent me a personal message with your paypal details and I'll take the malt powder off your hands if nobody else has already.


Mmmm.  Bagels.

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Frequent Flyer

...beat me to it.  I agree with this being okay.  A number of the forums I frequent have separate forums for selling items or buying items.  It's a good thing.

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Perhaps FloydM will consider adding this. 

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It doesn't get a lot of posts, but it is there.

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If you'll go to the forum section, cooking202, you'll see the "for sale" section.  I believe it's been there since day one. 

If people would do a bit of exploring past the front page, they'd find lots of great stuff here.

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Frequent Flyer

Also, the original poster said "This may not be the right venue for this; if so, I apologize and hope somebody has any recommendations for where to post this?"

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I was simply commenting on Frequent Flyer's post.  Won't dignify the rest of your post.

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put it in your freezer. i've kept mine for over a year in my freezer & it's still good.

you could also sell it to a neighbor who bakes bread.


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I think absurd is a bit harsh....if anything, that comment was absurd.

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Microwavable cheese quesadillas in the frozen food section, now that's absurd!