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boule recipes?

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boule recipes?

does anyone have a great sourdough recipe that would work awesome for a boule? if u do awesome!!! can u do it in cups tho?(no scale :() and include oven temp and timing







or just put a link to one idc


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A boule is a shape, so any sourdough recipe will work.

Since you want volume measurements, check out Mike Avery's site, which lists many recipes by volume.

Or use the TFL search bar.

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Hi- has some great,very easy recipes for sourdough and other styles. 

Good Luck!


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Hi Guyandhisbread, try this very simple recipe from Susan in San Diego - never fails!

3/4cup starter

3/4cup water

2 1/2cups bread flour

2tspns kosher salt.

Mix all together, rest for 30 minutes. Do 3-4 stretch and folds at 30 minute intervals, proof until double. Shape into boule, place in banneton, into refrigerator overnight. Next morning leave on counter to warm up, preheat oven to 500*. Place boule on parchment paper, slide onto hot baking stone and cover with large bowl. Reduce heat to 450*, bake for 20 minutes, remove bowl, bake further 15 minutes. Cool on rack. Good luck, A.