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Thought my starter was doomed..

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Thought my starter was doomed..

it is a white starter and was just sort of blah, but instead of tossing it I refreshed it with rye and took off like a rocket.  Now it's the most active, with the best aroma that I've made so far...even the ones I started with rye.  If not for TFL, I would have given up on sourdough long, long ago.  Thank you all for being here.



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I've been there, myself, a few times, in the two years or so that I've been maintaining whole wheat and rye starters. They've always come back [so he says, as he touches wood...] with a little TLC and a lot of good advice from TFL  

Learning how bacteria and microscopic fungi 'feel' takes time, I guess...You made a very wise choice in your resuscitation program, anyway




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