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Complimentary foods for rye sourdough - ideas please.

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Crumbly Baker

Complimentary foods for rye sourdough - ideas please.

Hi all.

I have conjured up a couple of rye sourdough loaves this morning, after 14 hours proving.  The recipe was from Richard Bertinet, if anyone in the UK knows him.

Anyway, the bread is WONDERFULLY vinegary!  I'm not sure it's meant to be that way, as I really have only done white flour sourdoughs up to now.

But it is very sour.  What I would like to know is, when I serve this bread to guests in 24 hour's time, what to serve it with?  Would olives be ok?  Or bits of cheeses?  Celery?

It's to be a starter cour before we have a home-made paella.

Any ideas most welcome.

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Mini Oven

olives?  only as a tiny decoration... Go bite size with small open faced...

Cheeses are good, cheese spreads are good, butter, garlic butter with lots of snipped chives.  Thin cut ham or cold meats, with marinated sliced onions.  All kinds of sour pickles to decorate as super thin slices or fans.

Thin sliced (can be toasted) butter, lox with sliced boiled egg and caviar, lemon juice drizzles and capers thrown around.  Capers with stems very decorative.  Greens and flowers from the herb garden. 



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La masa

with butter and capers and mustard, and maybe thinly sliced onion, or pickled cucumbers, ... yumm!


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I honestly don't think you can get a better compliment to rye bread than your suggestion La Masa. Great photo!

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Smoked fish, borscht, rollmops, pretty much anything that has a nice strong flavor.

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I third or fourth the lox suggestion, with shaved onions and capers. Delish!

Also, chop chives or onions in a food processor, throw in some parsley and cream cheese, a bit of salt and pepper and you have a delicious spread that goes very well with the rye. 


Have fun!

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Hi Crumbly Baker


I am also a UK-based student of Richard Bertinet.  I attended a course in December 2007 and have been baking once or twice a week ever since (sometimes more often if the kids decide they like something).


I agree with La masa, and it is even better if you have cured and smoked your own salmon.  This UK-made device is great for cold smoking


I used RB's method to get my sourdough ferment up and running and that has been going for about 18 months now.  Sourdough spelt is also good with smoked salmon, cheese etc.


Best Wishes